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APSB 79334 F; NBS V 2181

Owner/Stud: Rachem Stud.

Location: Rachem Stud, Meredith, Victoria

Country of origin: Australia

Sire: Mogly – (Ger) G-430663798 FHSB (IMP Frozen Semen)

Dam: Palana Astrid – 43296 F Vol 22

Sire of Dam: Palana Tyson – 10071 F Vol 21

Sire of Sire:  Mosby D-011392 FHSB

Date of birth: 3/10/2016

Height: 14.1 hh

Date of measure: 2019

Expected to mature: 14.2hh

Colour: Brown Dun

Colour genetics: Agouti (ASIP gene): A a (one copy bay factor,

one copy non-bay) Red/black (MC1R gene): E e (one copy black,

one copy red)

Breeder: Knights Hill Stud – Sarah Curry

Performance record:

2019 Vic. APSB Stud Show - Champion Led Fjord Horse Male. Supreme Champion Fjord Horse.

2018 Heavy Horse Festival - Reserve Champion Led Fjord Horse.

2018 Western District Promotional Group Show - Champion Led Fjord Horse Male.

Maleagant web.jpg

Above photo is "Maleagant" at the Vic APSB Stud Show 2019.

Proudly showing off his Supreme Rug.

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