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Finding a Saddle for your Fjord

Fjord Horses are, by and large, wide and round.  A flatter back with a relatively indistinct wither is not uncommon.  These features can make finding a suitable saddle complex!

It is important to make sure that you find a saddle that

(a) fits your horse;

(b) fits you; and

(c) suits the kind of riding that you want to do. 


To make sure you choose a saddle that satisfies all of these requirements, we strongly recommend consulting a professional saddle fitter to help you select a saddle that suits you and your horse.

Options that have been taken up by Australian Fjord owners to date, and which you and your saddle fitter might want to consider for the wider horse, are set out below. 


Please note that these are potential options only and are no substitute for professional fitting of a saddle to a specific horse.  Some horses will not be suited to some (or any) of these options and different fitters and users will naturally have different views on different brands:

Dressage/AP Synthetic

Thorowgood Cob

Wintec Wide

Dressage/AP Leather

Black Country

Kent & Masters Cob

Native Pony Saddlery (UK; various options)








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