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APSB 51777

Owner:  Palana Stud Fjord Horses (Kerrie Prescott)

Breeder:  Palana Stud Fjord Horses (Kerrie Prescott)

Location:  Emita, Flinders Island, Tasmania

Country of origin:  Australia

Sire:  Palana Tyson APSB 10071

Dam:  Jemima APSB 6

Sire of Dam:  Naustdal (Imp) APSB 8341 (dec)

Sire of Sire:   Lexon APSB 8343 (dec)

Date of birth:  22 March 2013

Height (at date of measure): 13.3 hands

Colour: Brown dun

Colour genetics:  Not applicable

Breeding status:  Brood mare

Performance record / work level:  See below

Licenses: (Breeding license from overseas, EA competition license etc):  Not applicable


As Jemima’s last foal, Isabella has inherited the calm and willing temperament, good bone and beautiful looks of her grandparents, Naustdal and Friska.  Unfortunately, shortly after birth, she contracted Infective Arthritis (joint ill) and as a result, has a damaged near hip joint.  This does not stop her from walking, trotting and cantering and she has adapted well to having one slightly shorter hind leg. Isabella has undertaken groundwork, lungeing and Straightness Training.  However, we would not ask her to carry the weight of a rider or pull a load in harness. 

Because of her excellent bloodlines and temperament, Isabella will be used as a brood mare with imported frozen semen (Orkan Skova from Denmark) and it is expected that her progeny will be as athletic as her siblings and mother have been.

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