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APSB 44163

Owner:  Palana Stud Fjord Horses (Kerrie Prescott)

Breeder:  Seaview Park (D & J O’Bree) (no longer breeding)

Location:  Emita, Flinders Island, Tasmania

Country of origin:   Australia

Sire:  Palana Ulysses APSB 10183

Dam:  Ona APSB 33147

Sire of Dam:  Naustdal (Imp) APSB 8341 (dec)

Sire of Sire:  Lexon APSB 8343 (dec)            


Date of birth:  31 March 2006

Height (at date of measure): 14 hands

Colour:  Brown Dun

Colour genetics:  Not applicable

Breeding status:  Brood mare

Performance record / work level:  See below

Licenses: (Breeding license from overseas, EA competition license etc):  Not applicable


Bodil was purchased as a brood mare for Palana Stud in 2008.  She was broken to saddle prior to coming to Tasmania and proved to be a very comfortable and willing ride.  She has attended Pony Club rallies and clinics, trail rides and the local agricultural show, where she performed admirably and with calmness. Bodil’s conformation is balanced and athletic and she shows the great movement and sweet nature of her grand-dam Dagmar (Imp).


Bodil passes these traits on to her offspring, of which there have been two fillies and three colts to date (2016). These youngsters show great athleticism and trainability as well as having their parents’ wonderful temperaments.  Bodil’s second colt, Ignatius, has been kept entire and it is expected will pass on these traits to his next generation of Fjord foals.

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