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APSB 33140

Owner:  Palana Stud Fjord Horses (Kerrie Prescott)

Breeder:  Joy van Raalte (no longer breeding)

Location:  Emita, Flinders Island, Tasmania

Country of origin:  Australia

Sire:   Naustdal (Imp) APSB 8341 (dec)

Dam:  Cerna (Imp) APSB 33162 (dec)

Sire of Dam:  Kastor (Holland)

Date of birth:  26 September 1990

Height (at date of measure):  13.2 hands

Colour:  Brown Dun


Letetia, also known as Lettie, was the second Fjord purchased by Palana Stud. She has a compact, rounded conformation with short neck, wide chest and fine but strong legs and hard hooves, very much the ‘pony’ type.  She also displays the quick cadence and sprightly movement one expects with a smaller horse. Her exceptional agility was useful in obstacles and cones when involved in Combined Driving events or harness displays, which she really enjoyed.


As a riding Fjord, Lettie was most suited to competent children or small adults, and although she had the Fjord stamina for trail riding, she excelled in Pony Club games days with her keenness and quick responses.


Lettie has had one cross-bred foal (while leased out) and a vivacious white dun filly, sired by Camel Hills White Knight, who took after her dam in “attitude”and harness aptitude.


Unfortunately, Lettie contracted a respiratory fungal infection as an adjunct to the Equine Influenza outbreak in Brisbane (2007) and had to be retired from active sporting due to damage to her respiratory system.  However, she is an excellent “Auntie” to the youngsters at Palana Stud and hopefully will be performing that task for many years to come.

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