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APSB 52489

Owner:  Palana Stud Fjord Horses (Kerrie Prescott)


Breeder:  Rachem Stud (Rachel Young and Emily Thompson)


Location:  Emita, Flinders Island, Tasmania

Country of origin:  Australia

Sire:  Myklejon (Imp) APSB 16516

Dam:  Palana Trina  APSB 35177

Sire of Dam:  Lexon APSB 8343 (dec)

Date of birth: 30 October 2014

Height (at date of measure):  Expect mature 13.3 – 14 hands

Colour:  Brown Dun


I saw Kerrie’s Karisma when only two weeks old and decided she was a perfect little Fjord horse specimen; bold, curious and gentle. I knew her dam’s tractable temperament and trainability as well as her beautiful head and good conformation, and have admired Myklejon’s height, good bone and active floating movement.  Although Kerrie was not for sale at the time, I expressed interest in purchasing her as a potential cross with Palana Stud’s stallion Tyson.


I was fortunate to be able to purchase Kerrie on weaning. After some groundwork training, she was taken to two youngstock shows prior to embarking on the trip to Palana Stud in Tasmania.  At both of those shows, Kerrie exhibited great maturity for her age and received champion ribbons.


Although less than eight months old, Kerrie handled the transport to Flinders Island well and has settled into herd life on Palana Stud’s excellent limestone-based pastures.  She will grow considerably in the next couple of years, before being broken in to saddle and harness and start her career as an all-round pleasure horse and a brood mare.  With her friendly personality and boldness, I expect her to be very trainable and achieve a lot in her life.

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