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Fjord Colour and Markings

The first thing most people notice about the Fjord horse is the distinctive appearance (the next thing is usually the friendly and placid temperament!)

Fjord colour and markings

All Fjords are dun in colour (more on this below) with a dorsal stripe running all the way from the forelock, down the back and into the tail. 

Fjords must not have white markings on the legs.  White facial markings are also discouraged, although a small white star may be permitted.

Many Fjords have black points and zebra striping on the legs.  They may also have striping on the withers.

Some Fjords have a brown spot on the face, known as a "Njåls-merke” (Mark of Njål) (after the influential Fjord stallion Njål).

Some Fjords have a "mealy" light coloured muzzle and lighter hair around their eyes, due to the influence of the pangare gene.  The gelding Shannonfield Gustav (see Shannonfield Gustav's profile) is an example of a Fjord with this lighter colouring around the muzzle and eyes.


The Fjord mane

The Fjord mane is the most eye catching feature of this breed.  Fjords have thick white "guard" hairs on either side of the dorsal stripe in the mane and tail.  The mane is conventionally trimmed to stand up along the neck like an arched "Mohawk".  This accentuates the stripe and curve of the neck. 

What shades of dun may a Fjord be?

A Fjord may be any one of five shades of dun (please note that we have used English terms below, as this is an Australian site):

Brown Dun

A light to dark golden colour with a black stripe and white guard hairs.  This is the most common colour worldwide. An example of a brown dun is Lexon (dec), who is featured in the top photo on the right.

White Dun

A very light white to cream colour with a black stripe and white guard hairs.  An example of a white dun is Blackwood Ridge Halvor, who is featured in the middle photo on the right.

Grey Dun

A steel grey colour with black stripe and white guard hairs.  An example of a grey dun is Tambo River Stud's stallion Seaview Park Xanthus, who is featured as the third photo on the right.  Xanthus has an untrimmed mane in this photo, showing what will happen if the mane is not regularly trimmed to retain its shape.

Red Dun

A light "chestnut" colour with a darker chestnut stripe and white guard hairs.  We have no red duns in Australia at present.

Yellow Dun

A very light gold with a darker gold stripe and white guard hairs.  We have no yellow duns in Australia at present


PalanaStud Lexon -photo2.jpg
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