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APSB 10071

Owner:  Palana Stud Fjord Horses (Kerrie Prescott)

Breeder:  Palana Stud Fjord Horses (Kerrie Prescott)

Location:  Emita, Flinders Island, Tasmania

Country of origin:  Australia

Sire:  Lexon APSB 8343 (dec)

Dam:  Cerna (Imp) APSB 33162 (dec)

Sire of Dam:  Kastor (Holland)

Sire of Sire:   Naustdal (Imp) APSB 8341 (dec)

Date of birth: 17 January 1998

Height (at date of measure):  14 hands

Colour:  Brown Dun

Colour genetics:  Not applicable

Breeding status: Stallion at stud (live cover – in-hand & paddock serve)

Performance record / work level:  See below

Licenses: (Breeding license from overseas, EA competition license etc):  Not applicable

Tyson won his breed class at APSB Stud Show (Pony Spectacular) at Townsville as a yearling. Broken to saddle as three year old, he proved willing to learn but has not been shown or performed in public since then. 

Tyson is the reigning stallion at Palana Stud and is used over imported and Australian bred mares.  He is a polite and gentle stallion with his mares and very well-behaved on the ground. Tyson passes on his excellent conformation, beautiful head and wonderful temperament to his foals.  Mares are often foaled out in his paddock and he soon takes over baby-sitting duties, allowing the dam to catch up on eating. 

Most of Tyson’s progeny are active in riding, showing, harness and pleasure uses, performing admirably in their fields.

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